March 8, 2018

The time has come my grandmother said, to speak of distress.

distress of what exactly? i wondered in my teens.

She said misfortune will find a way to cross your path.

i told her she was paranoid and after i had a laugh.

The world is full of ups and downs she told me with a...

December 18, 2017

Where do i start.. with the uncontrollable and relentless state of translating emotions or my thoughts that seem as if they ruptured out of a volcanic explosion of who's where and what about that.. as if i exited my own body that is floating on strange tides caused by...

August 14, 2017

As i'm sitting here in the state of calmness, peacefulness, 

seriously untroubled.

Gazing into the humidified sky,

sparkling synthetic stars,

reflected by the light beams off surrounding skyscrapers,

i'm thinking to myself, why don't i do this more often.

Go out on my own, s...

August 3, 2017


she was a parasite, there are friends who are just chill y'know?

She said in a fed up tone.

And then there are those who live through you, i said before turning my face towards the sun. It's the beginning of august and i can see the hint of gold, sparking under...

July 26, 2017

The definition of Dot


  1. 1.

    a small round mark or spot.

    "a symbol depicted in coloured dots"

    synonyms:spot, speck, fleck, speckle, point, pinpoint, pinprick, mark, dab; More


  1. 1.

    mark with a small spot or spot...

July 19, 2017

Twig after twig i've watched this pigeon build her nest window up, she laid two eggs the following week.

One of the eggs hatched days before the second.

The second egg hatched, admirably documenting this mini circle of life, i wondered..

What nests are we building?

is it m...

July 10, 2017

Growing up in the 90's, i was amongst many that were infatuated and utterly obsessed with Lisa frank products and stickers.

Constantly smiling characters such as the unicorn, ballerina bunnies, rainbows and puppies brought joy and girly fulfilment in my life.. let's not...

July 3, 2017

Unconsciously sealed my jaw shut, the pressure of which led to my teeth grinding.

i can taste the blood coming out of my gums.

Consciously preserving thoughts, on whether or not i should speak..

mostly because i wouldn't want to fail this person's expectation of me.

not th...

June 12, 2017

Dark. Hard. And vulnerable.

Styled @Aminasaid in a black leather american apparel bralette, navy blue and high waisted bikini bottom, and a sneaky black hairband on her left wrist, that magically appeared.

Drenched in midnight original black bath bomb, this beauty is cov...

May 20, 2017

Sassy silky pink and glitter oh my..

Baby doll chic is the concept behind this look, highlighting careless beauty.

barbie inspired makeup by

styled by yours truly @lightsandcharlie

Hair by @Khuloodartist

and photographed by the lovely

The hairspir...

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